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Get ready for the Summer with our special deal, order a 100 pack or 200 pack of Mutt Mitts, and get a 30 pack for FREE, plus free shipping!

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Grab It

With 2-ply construction, and a roomy bottom pouch, we promise you won't have to touch the icky stuff!

Turn It

Mutt Mitts are completely puncture resistant, turning them inside out offers no stress for the mess.


Larger design makes it simple to knot the bag and dispose of it without leaks.

Toss It

Easy to carry to the nearest receptacle and dispose!


Visit our Online Store to order Mutt Mitts, Dispensers, Signage and more! Both Home Use and Commercial.


Mutt Mitts are available in fine pet stores across the USA. Visit our Store Locator to find a store near you.


Your Mutt Mitts can be custom printed to include ads, logos, sponsors, and anything else you can think of!


We usually respond to requests in one business day--and don't charge handling fees!

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